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Becoming a Junior Coordinator

Golf s future depends on the investment in growing the game at the grass roots level, and the pivotal role of the Junior Coordinator. In order to assist the Junior Coordinator, Golf Australia has developed a Junior Coordinator Administration Kit. The purpose of this Kit is to provide Clubs, and specifically the Junior Coordinator with information and resources to assist with the organising and running of a successful junior program. Many clubs in Australia are running successful junior programs and therefore this Kit may just serve to validate such programs; however, it may also provide some useful additional ideas and initiatives. Some Clubs do not have a structured program and hopefully this Kit will prompt a call to action. The objective has been to present the Kit as user friendly by providing: key organisational and administration requirements a reference point to access other relevant information and sources various templates and tools simple introductory hands on practical information The Kit is viewed as a living tool and therefore it will be updated when necessary. The Junior Coordinator Administration Kit is available for download in PDF format below or alternatively hard copies of the kit and folder can be purchased for $36.50. > Click here to download an Order Form Download the Kit sections below: > Kit Cover (PDF 184KB) > Contents (PDF 184KB) > Section 1. Introduction, Contacts, Resources & Funding (PDF 253KB) > Section 2. National Junior Programs & Participation (PDF 409KB) > Section 3. People & Organisation (PDF 390KB) > Section 4. Risk Management & Safety (PDF 485KB) > Section 5. Coaching, Equipment & Facilities (PDF 497KB) > Section 6. Recruitment & Membership (PDF 715KB)