Date: March 16, 2018
Author: Christian Puccini

Belair Park Golf Club � We are still here!!

Message from Rod Winders – Captain, Belair Park Golf Club

As you will have read and heard in the media, the Belair Park Golf Course is currently closed as a result of the course leasee going into administration and final liquidation.

On finalisation of the liquidation process, the Lease is handed back to DEWNR and the section managing the lease; Natural Resources, Adelaide and Mt Lofty Ranges, can look to new lease arrangements – but – in the meantime, the golf course has been closed, the water turned off and Belair Park Golf Club has no home course for our members and our competitions.

Following gracious offers by both The Stirling and Echunga Golf Clubs, we have entered into interim agreements whereby our members can, as Belair Park Club, play in our own competitions, albeit in a limited format and still maintain our identity and our integrity as a Club for our members. We thank Golf SA, The Stirling and Echunga for their support, particularly through this stressful and desperate time. We will be back at our own course, that is our single focus and goal … it’s just a waiting game of patience, tolerance and resilience.