Date: November 02, 2015
Author: Lachlan Valley DGA

Beryl Roberts granted Lachlan Valley DGA Life Membership

The Lachlan Valley District Golf Association has granted Life Membership status to Mrs Beryl Roberts at its AGM held on Thursday, 29th October.

Paul Thomas, the current LVDGA President says, “We are all truly indebted to Beryl who has served this association for the past 17 years as a representative of the Forbes Golfers Association…and when she commenced her affiliation in 1998 under the Presidency of the late Ray Wyatt she thought that her rein would be short and hear we are today granting this wonderful woman Life Membership.”

Thomas also believes that with Roberts in becoming this Associations first lady Life Member  would also be one of only a few Life Memberships granted to a lady who has served on a Men’s Association.

Roberts, who replaced Peter Hodge as the District's Secretary / Treasurer in 2002 and remains in that position today, has enjoyed her time. She stated that during this period she has only served under two Presidents, the first being Ray Wyatt for some three years and then the current President Paul Thomas.

The most time consuming part of her work has been the organisation of the District's Pennants & Championships in conjunction with the Match Committee.  Roberts also acknowledges that over the period she has encountered many wonderful people and has developed long lasting friendships.

According to Roberts the most significant aspect of the game that has changed during her career has been the current method of Course Rating and the new Handicapping System, both of which still leave a lot of golfers bewildered.