Date: November 17, 2017
Author: Golf NSW

‘Best greens I’ve putted on in years’

Twin Creeks’ Course Superintendent Justin Doyle has been singled out by players for his epic putting surfaces at the NSW Open. Here’s how he did it.

Most golfers stress about that first tee shot, but Justin Doyle agonises over the first putt more than most.

Understandable really, given his responsibility as Course Superintendent at Twin Creeks Golf and Country Club to bring the course to championship quality, the first time he has been asked to do so.

Doyle, 36, started at Twin Creeks a month before the first tee shot was struck to open the course back in 2006, and has been the Superintendent for the past two years.

Almost 10 years after joining the club, the playing condition of the course rests solely with him.

“Being my first tournament and having a crew that’s fairly inexperienced I was a little bit concerned,” said the father of two.

“But after the first couple of days, I’ve had positive feedback which is great to see.”

Good feedback is selling the situation short. Here’s what a couple of professionals said about the Twin Creeks greens during the first two days.

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Joshua Gadd, who shot -7 on day one said: “The course is the best I’ve ever seen it, the greens are amazing. Just hit it on the line and they go in. It was good fun.”

Kramer Hickok, tournament leader mid-way Thursday: “These are probably the best greens I have putted on in the last five years.

"These greens are so good; they are so pure. It’s one of those deals where if you have an eight-footer and you miss it, it’s on you.

“It’s unbelievably nice to be able to play on greens that are quick and firm like this. They are only going to get firmer as the week goes on. I’m looking forward to playing on them again. It’s just nice to hit a good putt and have it go in.”

Equal tournament leader Jason Scrivener: “These are the best greens I’ve played on all year. We don’t get the chance to putt on greens this good in Europe. It’s an absolute treat.”

Fairly decent praise, indeed.

“That’s fantastic. I didn’t expect that. I knew they were good, but we didn’t know they were that good,” Doyle said.

“I’m speechless. That’s fantastic feedback.

“It was a heavy four weeks of work coming with dusting and making sure they were firm and healthy. We’ve done a lot of rolling over the past four days and they (the greens) have really responded to it.”

Preparing the course, for a man who doesn’t play golf, was a lesson in listening.

“I watch a lot of golf, speak to a lot of the members and our head pro as well and try to get a lot of feedback about how the greens are playing,” he said.

Storm clouds and thunder began moving in late Thursday which may slow down the greens, not a forecast he was hoping for.

“I would like them to firm up a little bit more, but if we get a few showers tonight, they are not going to be as firm as I’d like. I’m hoping to keep the speed at least the same, if not quicker,” he said.