Date: November 18, 2006
Author: Ben Collins

Best seat in the house

By Ben Collins, Sportal Fans have the opportunity to enjoy the action from a different angle at the MFS Australian Open this year. Several seat-only areas have been set up next to greens around Royal Sydney, giving spectators a chance to sit back and relax but without missing out on the tense moments in the battle for this year&aposs Stonehaven Cup. Peter Berry, from Penrith, enjoyed taking in the action at the 16th hole on Friday, and recommends it to anyone attending at the weekend. “You can sit right up close to the flag and enjoy it,” he said. “It&aposs great that I can just pull up my chair, sit and watch the golf and enjoy it from a different angle.” “My son saw it yesterday and said why don&apost you take a chair and sit in the areas next to the greens, and I thought, &aposyeah, I&aposll do that&apos.” “I&aposve got a crook leg so I can&apost get around like I used to. My son&aposs walking around with my brother, but I&aposll see them later, and in the meantime I can just sit here all day and enjoy it. There&aposs not too many tournaments that do this but it&aposs a great idea.” The most popular seat-only area has been the one overlooking the green at the picturesque fourth hole. However, there are also areas alongside the 12th and 16th greens, and one more between the sixth, ninth and 13th.