Date: May 09, 2016
Author: Dave Tease, Golf NSW

Bob helps build Penrith pride

Bob Proctor reckons it’s the camaraderie and the friendships that he’s made as a volunteer that make his club a great place to be.

The 68-year old retiree is the leader of Andy’s Crew, a team that numbers up to a dozen or so club members who turn up on a couple of mornings a week to help out around the course at Penrith Golf Club. A couple of the team are in their 70’s and one is in his 80’s.

“The rewards from volunteering here are better than just playing golf. You're part of a team that makes the place much more enjoyable, much better to look at and much better to play on,” Mr Proctor said.

Mr Proctor and the crew that regularly turn up do a range of jobs and maintenance around the course ranging from tidy ups to tree plantings. This week it was some saplings that needed to be planted.

“We’ve just planted 65 trees around the course, bloody hard yakka digging those holes, even with a machine,” he laughed.

The retired school teacher has been doing his bit for the last  years or so with the group and loves every minute of it.

“You wouldn’t keep coming back if you didn’t enjoy it put it that way. If I wasn’t doing it I’d be sitting at home bored stiff."

The 19 marker does manage a few games of golf a week and likes pointing out the work that he and his crew have done around the place to his playing partners.

“We quite often point out to playing partners what we’ve done. Often its noticeable and comments are made, and that’s good value. It’s appreciated by everybody.”

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Penrith Golf Club General Manager Brendan Kop agrees.

“The club really appreciates the effort the crew put in. They do a lot around the place, and it make a difference. The members notice,” he said.

Mr Proctor has been retired for about ten years these days and reckons joining in and helping out is part of the key to enjoying your golf and your club’s social environment.

“If you join the the volunteers, you get more involved in your club. You become a golf club member, not just a golfer.”  

“Everyone gets a sense of pride out of what we do, no doubt about it. The club is richer for it for sure," he smiled.


Golf NSW thanks all the volunteers.  We would not be able to enjoy our game without our valuable volunteers.  Send us your volunteer story so we can pay tribute to our amazing volunteers – #NVW2016

National Volunteer Week 2016