Date: April 18, 2011

Boland on college and finishing her Masters

By Julia Boland In the past year or two since I spent a little bit more time on this website I have been residing in College Station Texas, under the pretense of being a student! More precisely I have been studying toward my Masters Degree in Exercise Physiology Clinical at Texas A&M. I have absolutely loved my time here, however like all things it is coming to an end but before I go there, here s a little recap. I had only one year&aposs eligibility in college, and I tried to make the most of it. I won three individual events, and my team went on to win our conference championship! A lot of fun! College golf is a little different than other types of the game. For instance you have a team around you all the time, you train, practice and travel together- but at the end of the day it s just the same, you 14 golf clubs and 18 holes. I guess the social, school and golf side of things all blended together is a perfect combination for me, and lead into my decision to stay here in College Station past my playing eligibility. Firstly so I could finish my degree (at least that s what I told my parents) but also so that I could become activity involved with the 2011-2012 Fight n Texas Aggie Womens team, as volunteer Assistant coach. Basically this is a long winded way of saying I am a mentor, travelling and trying to impart some Julia wisdom on the team. What about my golf you ask? Well it s going well. I am literally in the process of building a team that I believe is made up of some of the best heads in the game. Head coach Glenn Whittle, American coach Kevin Kirk, and Sport Psychologist Noel Blundell. Together we are playing our part in helping me reach my potential. What is my potential I hear you ask? Well that s a matter of personal opinion, and everyone is free to have their own. My team and I are working on mine and I know that my results will speak for themselves as I move forward. Following the American summer I am heading to both LPGA/Futures tour school, and then European Tour School in January. Scary and exciting times? Yes, absolutely, but I feel strongly about where and what I am meant to be doing, so time will tell. Well that s all from this update, I hope that I am in touch through the support of Golf Australia in the next 6 months to give you all another update on my progress. I sincerely thank those of you who have unconditionally supported me, and Golf Australia for their continued support. Julia Boland is a current National Squad member and is a volunteer coach at Texas A&M in the United States. She is a member of Pennant Hills and Tamworth Golf Clubs.