Date: June 11, 2015
Author: Jack Newton Junior Golf

Bonnells Bay Students Love Golf

Bonnells Bay Visit Morissett Country Club

The new government program to encourage active kids is gaining pace around the state with schools looking to engage Jack Newton Junior Golf (JNJG).

The golf programs are providing so much more than the practical learning of skills.  Students are developing understanding of fundamental movement, fitness, maths, English, research, geography and area.

Last month Bonnells Bay Public School completed a five-week program with JNJG Territory Manager Mark Ingrey.  During the program the students learnt key golf skills, various target games, fitness, creativity and imagination through mini golf courses and in school course design.

The final session was held at Morissett Country Club with club professionals David and David providing a one-hour session testing various skills learned during the school program.  Upon completion every student received a certificate and information about ongoing junior programs at the club.

Through the development of this program both Bonnells Bay PS and Morissett CC hope to form a relationship that sees regular interaction of the school students at the Morissett club.

“Jack Newton Junior Golf and the government driven Sporting Schools Program has allowed golf clubs and schools to form a partnership that will see students not only experience golf but enjoy the professionalism of their local golf club for further development, thus generating more players,” said Mark Ingrey.

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Bonnells Bay Students Love Golf