Date: January 22, 2014
Author: P.Gompertz / GSOA

Book Review: Bump and Run � at the feet of the masters

and Run – at the feet of the masters – by Andrew Crockett

Andrew Crocket who was inducted into the Surfers Hall of Fame for his publication of two award winning books of photographs and interviews of the leading world surfers, has now turned his attention to his second love, golf, and has been fortunate to have been given long periods of interview time by many of the leading golfers of the past 70 years. While the majority are Australian, with one notable exception, Jack Nicklaus, Gary Player and Bob Charles have also been generous with their time, as has Australias leading lady golfer, Jan Stephenson.

Andrew has posed a number of intelligent questions to his subjects and reported their answers, illustrating them with a wonderful array of photographs that he has been given access to.

There is also a chapter on Robert Wade from Melbourne, one of the worlds leading golf artists, another on Australia’s involvement in the development of professional golf in Asia, one on golf course design and, very interestingly, a chapter on the resurgence of interest in playing with hickory clubs.

Two Australian legends, Peter Thomson and Kel Nagle get chapters to themselves and Adam Scott, Australias’ first winner of The Masters, does the honours with his Foreword.

This unusual book is a treasure trove of insights for all golfers, regardless of their ability. It is priced at a very reasonable A$50 and is available on line by emailing who will advise you of the post and packing costs to where you live.

Peter Gompertz