Date: January 22, 2014
Author: Golf Society of Australia

Book Review: Rarities in the Library of Golf

ompiled by H R J Grant and D M Wilson III, published by Grant Books (UK), 2013

By the end of the nineteenth century, the time of the great Triumvirate of Braid, Taylor and Vardon, little was written on the game of golf compared with the early twentieth century. The selections made for this book have been garnered from rare books and pamphlets, some of which are virtually unknown, together with articles and extracts from magazines. The extensive selection paints a vivid picture of golf in late Victorian times. Many areas of golf are covered in the seven chapters.

The original illustrations, both in colour and monochrome, have been carefully reproduced and some additional illustrations have been included. The twenty-one selections from 1849 to 1899 include Traditional Tales of Leith, Hay Flemings’s Historical Notes and Extracts Concerning the Links at St Andrews, George Aikman’s Pen and Pencil Sketches of the Game of Golf, The Duffers Golf Club Papers, Songs of the Innerleven Golf Club – An Auld Kirk Allegory, The Seeding and Preservation of Golf Links and a short piece of fiction, His Golf Madness.

The book, produced throughout by colour process, is an important historical link with the early game of golf. It is designed to be a companion volume to A Journey through the Annals of the Golfing Annuals 1888-1910 ( TLG #38 )

The Foreword is by Peter Dawson, Secretary of The Royal and Ancient Golf Club of St Andrews and the Afterword is by Rand Jerris, Senior Managing Director, Public Affairs, Unites States Golf Association.

The book is 560 pages and published in a limited slipcase edition of 325 copies, priced at £69 post-paid. Please go to to order and pay.