Date: December 07, 2012
Author: Golf Australia

Brendan Jones � Mixed Zone Interview, Friday 7 December 2012

Brendan Jones Mixed Zone Interview, Friday 7 December 2012 Q: Good day? A: Look, almost. That first nine holes out the back there, I played a lot better than the score suggests. I had chances and just wasted a few opportunities. Around the front 9 I hit two good shots down 1 and made birdie there, got a bit loose on 2 and 3 but it was nice. My finish was pretty good. Birdied seven and birdied and caught a lot of the hole on 9. I m making enough birdies. I left a few out there but it s nice to be at the top of the leaderboard. Q: You haven t played the Open while A: I m normally in Japan at this time of the year, it s worked out well that I m back here playing this week and next week and hopefully I can show my friends and family that are here that just because I play well in Japan doesn’t mean I don t play well anywhere else. Q: Does it give you confidence or frustrate you? A: I ve got to get rid of my mistakes. To win tournaments you ve got to limit your mistakes. Around a golf course like this where the greens are so severe and the elements, the wind plays such a big part you ve just got to keep the double bogeys off the card. Everyone s going to make bogeys but I ve made two doubles on the first two days plus a handful of bogeys. I m making enough birdies to be 12 to 15 under but I m just making those mistakes. Knowing I m making those mistakes makes me feel good. Q: When did your wife last see you play? (Brendan s wife and children are in Sydney this week) A: Maybe in Japan a few years ago. I can t remember any other time. Look she loves socialising. I m not sure if she’s watched any golf. She was in the group walking around. She just loves seeing friends that she hasn t seen for a long time. She’s a social butterfly.