Date: August 25, 2014
Author: Bill Downton, Callala RSL Country Club

Callala RSL Country Golf Club to Open 18 hole course

Situated only two hours drive south of Sydney, on the northern side of the beautiful Jervis Bay at Callala Beach, Callala RSL Country Golf Club is set to open its second 9 holes and become an official 18 hole course.

To celebrate this historic occasion two dates have been set aside – the first happening on the 27th of September when the course will be officially opened. On that day Members will celebrate by playing for the first time on the new 18 hole course. At the conclusion of the day the course will revert to the old 9 holes to allow greenkeepers and volunteers to finish preparing the course for the Historic 18 hole Callala Open which will take place on the 19th of October 2014.

At conclusion of the Open the new 18 hole course will be fully open to facilitate all forms of Golf.

This beautiful golf course with its tree lined fairways gives the golfer not only a challenging course but a course that is as close to nature as any.

As you enjoy your game and the beautiful surroundings you will be doing so amongst kangaroos and prolific bird life.

The course that many now are welcome to come and enjoy is stepped in history.

The golf course has come a long way, since those first “Callala Visionaries” looked at a block of bush some 37 years ago and with what was to become known as “Dads Army” set about building a club and carving out the original 9 hole golf course.

At the official opening and Members Day on the 27th of September one of those visionaries will be there to hit the first ball of the new 18 hole course. As a matter of fact he is the same fella who hit the same first ball on the official opening of the 9 holes back on the 15th of October 1995. We are sure that a tear will well up in his eye as his memory flashes through the hundreds of memories and the trials and tribulations that he and the rest of “Dads Army” endured to make this day happen.

The Callala Open which will be held on the 19th of October 2014 is a date that all male golfers with AGL handicap should note in their diaries. The historic significance of the day will be accompanied by a competition that will have records to be broken, great prizes to be won and maybe for one lucky competitor a new car to drive home in.

Players with handicaps above 27 who wish to play will be playing off 27 for the Open.

Details on the Callala Open and Registration forms can be found on the Callala RSL Country Club website.

A day for the visionaries to set their souls at peace and in unison with all those who made this day happen celebrate on a job well done.

At the conclusion of the Open the 18 hole course will be open to all golfers to enjoy their golf amongst a unique natural environment.

A beautiful town, now has a beautiful 18 hole golf course.

Come and visit and have a game!

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