Date: February 23, 2011

Camp reignites Peake’s hunger for the top

Before arriving at National Camp at Moonah Links last week, Western Australian amateur Ryan Peake was finding it hard to get excited about getting on the golf course. The Lakelands member, who played the Australian Open at The Lakes and made the cut, admitted his “head wasn&apost there” and was fighting to muster the motivation to play. In a letter to Golf Australia following the camp, Ryan revealed how the camp reignited his passion to play. “Over the past two weeks leading up to the camp, I found myself with scary problems. I had no motivation to get out to the golf course and my head was all over the place. In all of my golfing career I&aposve never been a negative person and I found for those two weeks I was down and wondering how I was going to make my life long dream as a golfing professional.” “The day I arrived at the camp and we drove up the road on the bus and looked at the golf course, something came to me and made me have a little bit of belief when I saw the fantastic facilities Moonah Links has!” The dunes runs and Ramsay McMaster stuff was all new to me but I loved every second of it! Working with Ryan Lumsden, Peter Knight, John Crampton, Noel Blundell and the other national coaches is by far the best thing I have ever been a part of in golf and it has really made me 100% more positive towards my golf and showed me how much work is still left before getting to the next step.” “I would like to thank you for everything you did, not only for me, but for all the national players and let you know that every single person would have been grateful and happy to a part of what I think is the next level for Australian golfers to reach the top.” Speaking to this website at the camp, Peake said he had realised there was much to be done before he considered the professional ranks. “Everything I learned, I&aposm going to take everything I learned and go back to WA with it. It&aposs as Brad (James) said, the pros are doing exactly the same stuff as we&aposre doing, if not harder,” Peake said. “We&aposve got a long way to go and we&aposve got to use everything from this trip that we can.” “As soon as a I got to the camp and we started learning about different things, it made me hungry to get to the top.” “I didn&apost realise there were so many things that you need to do – the 3D testing, the brainwave testing – once you&aposre into it, I guess you could say it&aposs amazing, really.” – excerpts of Ryan&aposs letter have been republished with his permission.