Date: March 10, 2016
Author: Dave Tease, Golf NSW

Cart making members happy at Walwa

It may not be shiny and new, but heads are being turned by the golf cart that’s gracing the fairways at Walwa Golf Club.

The aim of continuing participation of the club’s aging membership base and to keep them on the fairways and enjoying golf spurred the club’s board into applying to the NSW Golf Foundation for a grant to purchase the Motorised Golf Cart for the tiny Riverina Club.

“It was about two years ago we began to think about the idea,” said Hayden Drummond. “We’re a small country area, with a large age pensioner base. Our numbers are gradually declining.”

Along with a commitment of $1000 from the Walwa Community Shop, and with a further $1000 raised from individuals, the club applied to the NSW Golf Foundation for further funds to help purchase a good quality second hand Golf Cart.

One of the aims of the NSW Golf Foundation is to increase participation in golf in regional and isolated communities. The application by Walwa Golf Club fulfilled the criteria and the NSW Golf Foundation was proud to approve a grant for $2000 to help purchase the cart.

“Many of our members aren’t financially able enough to invest in a cart themselves, so this has really helped.”

The Members at Walwa have really taken to the new cart. Some use it for 9 holes, and to keep their fitness levels up, they walk the other nine holes. Some others can no longer walk 18 holes any more, so the cart keeps them playing them game.

“The idea is to keep them as active as they can be and to keep them as active members of the club.”

“We are really a tiny club from a small country area but we really appreciate it. Thanks to Golf NSW and the NSW Golf Foundation,” says Mr Drummond.