Date: March 11, 2015




The Association is established to:
(a) identify those political and commercial objectives of the Industry that are of common interest to the members and on which broad Industry consensus views can logically be achieved;

(b) actively express the Industry's viewpoint to all levels of Government on industry wide issues relevant to the Australian Golf Industry whilst establishing a co-ordinated and supportive approach with all golf associations that have established a specific relationship with specific Government agencies

(c) anticipate actions by other parties that will affect the Industry's present and future situation and ensure that the Industry's viewpoints are given consideration at the decision making stage, particularly in regards to legislation and regulations affecting or likely to affect the Industry;

(d) provide a forum to bring together all key sectors of the Australian Golf Industry to work in a co-ordinated way to grow, develop and promote the game of golf;

(e) coordinate and optimise industry research and other agreed industry projects;

(f) provide an effective medium for disseminating relevant communications, news on developments and projects undertaken and or achieved by the Australian Golf Industry both within and external to the Industry and its individual members.

The assets and income of the AGIC shall be applied solely in furtherance of its above-mentioned aim and objectives and no portion shall be distributed directly or indirectly to the members of the organisation except as bona fide compensation for services rendered or expenses incurred on behalf of the organisation.

In the event of the organisation being dissolved, the amount that remains after such dissolution and the satisfaction of all debts and liabilities shall be transferred to another organisation with similar purposes which is not carried on for the profit or gain of its individual members.’