Date: November 02, 2014

Check-list for Handicapping Administrators


Log on below to access the club administrators’ interactive check-list of items to aid preparation for the launch of the new handicap system (the new system will go live on GOLF Link on 23 January 2014).

The check-list also includes some general items that are integral to a club’s handicapping operations and around which it is common for clubs to seek advice from GA. Clubs will benefit from working through the check-list, however if items on the list are left uncompleted, you will still be able to operate under the new system. 

The interactive check-list will enable you to record notes under each item, and also to check-off tasks that are completed or covered. Support resources or explanations accompany each item. Please contact your State Association if you would like assistance with your preparations, or if help is required with any aspect of your club’s handicapping operations.