Date: April 17, 2014

Cheers to the Volunteers

Over 100 volunteers who worked during the 2014 Oates VicOpen were properly thanked today for their efforts! Their golf game and BBQ at 13th Beach Golf Links, home of the tournament, were conducted with the most beautiful weather, making the day even more enjoyable.

The Oates VicOpen was a great success due in no small part to the volunteers that worked tirelessly with the many different roles – from organising caddy bibs, to scoring or minding the driving range. Every role was important and fulfilled perfectly by these volunteers who generously donated their time during the event.

All volunteers were important but it was Norm and Judy Emerson who coordinated the overall task force with the experience acquired over the many years in the job. It was a fantastic effort! So, on behalf of Golf Victoria, the 13th Beach Golf Links and all the professional and amateur golfers who took part in the event – Thank you! Click here to see today results.