Date: November 23, 2017
Author: Paul Vardy

Clear the head for Governance Fundamentals in January

Would you believe the average human has around 50,000 thoughts and 12,000 internal conversations spinning around inside their head every day? 

This is according to Martina Sheehan and Susan Pearce, in their book, Wired for Life. I’d imagine it’s hitting maximum mental chatter as the silly season approaches!

The authors suggest that among these internal conversations, the majority of the brain’s time is absorbed with completing tasks and testing incoming information against existing patterns.

With a lot to contend with, the brain creates maps to make sense of it all and to find a path of least resistance.  

Despite our brain’s incredible ability to learn new things and to occasionally discover that what we believed in is no longer the case, we can allow these maps to become so well-worn that default thinking sinks in, creating fixed points of view and the conditions for status quo.  Now, this would never happen in golf clubs, surely. (raised eyebrow)

So, amongst this backdrop we have the Christmas period and the month of January.  With this comes the hope of rest (sorry coastal golf courses), the setting aside of time and head-space to learn something new, or to challenge something old.  

What better brain stimulation that to complete the on-line course "Governance Fundamentals"?  It may just set up 2018 as the year to create an improved system for decision making to help your club better adapt to its changing future.

The course is ideal for board members, managers, staff and club volunteers and takes around one and ½ hours to complete.  It’s only $49.50.   See short video

Those who have already completed the course have rated it 4.5 out of 5.

But don't just take our word for it.  This is just some of what people have said:

This course is excellent, and perfectly set up and a very useful education tool. I am planning on using this for my current Board and as part of the new board member induction program.”  Rob McLean, GM – Windsor Country Golf Club, NSW

As a recently appointed Vice President of the Headland Golf Club, I found the Governance Fundamentals module to be an important part in understanding my role and responsibilities. The on-line experience was easy to follow, relevant and provided useful tools for further investigation if required.

I would strongly recommend that any new Board member complete the training as part of their induction process.

The module was so valuable that after consultation with our General Manager, we felt the training would benefit all the Board members, and this proved to be the case, with positive comments being provided.”  Mandy Oster, Vice President – Headland Golf Club, QLD

To function effectively, individual board members and boards as a whole, need to have a clear understanding of their governance roles and responsibilities.  This module provides some great tools to develop this understanding as well as relevant exercises around how to and correctly apply it, all with a golf flavour.”  Ben Kavenagh, GM – Glenelg Golf Club, SA

“As part of our Club’s process for developing a new Strategic Plan which includes a focus on great Governance, we arranged for all of our Board Members to complete Golf Australia’s Governance Fundamentals online course.

The course has helped all of our Board to have a better, clearer and more consistent understanding of the principles of good governance and the importance of these in running a successful, sustainable Club.

Whilst myself and a number of our Board have been involved in business and the Club industry for some time, we all found many aspects of the course to be of terrific value.

The course is also written and structured in a way that is easy to understand for those that may not have had previous experience with Boards and/or Committees.

I would encourage all Golf Club committee members to complete the course and suggest it would be great practice for Clubs to have each new committee member complete this course as part of their induction.” Rob Horrigan, GM –  Patterson River Country Club, VIC

“Golf Australia’s ‘Governance Fundamentals’ course is a simple and effective way for Board Members (and key staff) to gain a better understanding of club governance.

It is particularly effective for new Board Members, and we will make it compulsory for all new Board Members to undertake the course. Well done Golf Australia!!”  Ben Dobson, GM Headland Golf Club, QLD

Paul Vardy
Clubs & Facilities Support Manager
Golf Australia