Date: March 23, 2016
Author: Jack Newton Junior Golf

Close finish for ACT Monaro Junior Pennant Final

ACT Monaro Junior Pennant Final – 20 March 2016

The 2016 Junior Pennant season has been a wonderful success with many juniors from around the district having the opportunity to participate. This year the competition saw eight teams, involving 11 clubs and over 56 players play for the trophy. 

The teams were: Royal Canberra Golf Club, Belconnen Golf Club, Yowani Country Club, Murrumbidgee/Gungahlin Lakes Combined, Federal/RMC Combined, Gungahlin Lakes Golf Club, Gold Creek/Tully Park Combined, and Queanbeyan Golf Club.

Many friendships have been built and it was great that the out-of-towners from Tully Park were able to visit each week.

This year the format returned to playing off handicap for all matches and there was no handicap limit for players.

Queanbeyan Golf Club hosted both the semi-finals and final over the last two weekends. The teams very much appreciated the generosity of Queanbeyan for the use of the course. 

Federal Golf Club, who had been undefeated during the preliminary rounds, pipped the combined Gungahlin Lakes-Murrumbidgee Team last weekend to reach the final.

Gold Creek-Tully Park secured a strong win over Yowani Country Club to be into the final.

Gold Creek-Tully Park won the final of the ACT Monaro DGA Junior Pennant over Federal Golf Club, 4 games to 3. The results of the matches it were very close with the final games all finishing on the 18th.

The ages in the teams ranged from 17 to 8 years. There were quite a following of spectators, who were biting their nails constantly towards the end of the match. The quality of play was inspirational with amazing demonstrations of shot-making and putting under pressure.

Well done, to all teams and thank you to all clubs for hosting such a great event.

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