Date: September 04, 2014

Club Car Series 2014

2014 Club Car Series Conditions

Tournaments Included (7):

BWAC Regional Employment and Community Services pro-am
Inghams Antill Park ALPG Pro-am
Moss Vale G.C. Ladies Classic
Mt Broughton Ladies Classic
Renault Ladies Pro-am
Bing Lee Fujitsu NSW Women's Open
Oates Victorian Open

Player Eligibility:
A Bonus Pool of $15,000 will be distributed among the leading 5 (five) players following the Women’s Victorian Open on Sunday 23 February, 2014. The player who, having met the eligibility criteria, has accumulated the most points will be declared the 2013/14 CLUB CAR Series Bonus Pool Winner.

To be eligible for the CLUB CAR Series Bonus Pool, a player must:
1. Be a member of Australian Ladies Professional Golf Incorporated (ALPG Tour) and

2. Must play a minimum of five (5) of the seven (7) events which have been designated as part of the CLUB CAR Series.

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Points shall be distributed between the players eligible for the Club Car Series Bonus Pool as outlined in the above table:

Notes on allocation of points:
i) i) Players finishing in a tie for a respective position in the Top-10 (of those players eligible) shall all receive the same amount of points; that being dependent on the number of players tied on that score. E.g. In a pro-am 2 players tied for 2nd place shall receive 300 points each for that event.
ii) Points shall be multiplied by 2 for the Oates Victorian Open, and Bing Lee Fujitsu Women’s NSW Open;
iii) A player’s total shall consist of ALL points accumulated in events the player participates.

Prize Pool Breakdown:

The AUD$15,000 prize fund shall be distributed as outlined in the following Prize Pool Breakdown:

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Notes on allocation of bonus pool:
i) The winner of the CLUB CAR Series Bonus Pool shall be that player whose cumulative point score from ALL events is the highest.
ii) Should two or more players be tied with the same final point score, a count back on results among eligible players will determine the placings. That is, the most 1st placings, if equal, the most 2nd placings and so on.