Date: December 05, 2016
Author: Golf Queensland

Club Health Check


What is it?

The Club Health Check is an online self-assessment tool aimed at helping clubs examine how they are operating. The checklist looks at a number of different factors that are crucial to success at club level and together these factors are used to build an overall picture of the way your club carries out its operations.


Completing the tool

The assessment should take no more than 30 minutes to complete. We recommend the assessment be completed together by two or three people from your committee and preferably “key” people who have an overall perspective of the operations and activities of the club.



Once you have answered all questions, a detailed report, including action plans, a summary report and priority responses will be emailed to you which will identify improvements and growth areas for your organisation.


Take action

The action plan is the key section for your board/committee to address first, and the action plan templates have been specifically designed to facilitate discussion and guide planning for your club.

In a board/committee that is dedicated to developing and improving its systems and processes, as well as proactively looking to the future, the report should also form part of the on-going discussions of the board/committee.

We also strongly recommend that you complete this checklist on an annual basis to review how your club is performing and as an on-going continuous improvement process.

To commence the Club Health Check Tool click here.