Date: June 18, 2015

Clubs Amalgamation Report

Golf Victoria believes successful amalgamation outcomes are in both the industry’s interests and also its own long-term interests. It also believes that we should all be learning from each other, ensuring future decisions and processes determined indeed have had the benefit of hindsight and take into consideration other clubs experiences.

In late 2012, Golf Victoria engaged Jeff Blunden Advisory Services and WellPlayed Golf Business Consultancy to undertake a detailed independent assessment of the potential amalgamation opportunities for the Keysborough and Rossdale golf clubs in Melbourne’s South East.

Stemming from this project, it was Golf Victorias intention to make available to clubs a document that identified the key issues impacting gold clubs, the wider lessons that could be learned by all from this assessment, the critical success factors to major club initiatives undertaken and which outlined a process that provides some structure to any future major initiatives being considered by clubs with regard to amalgamation.

Golf Victoria is therefore pleased to present to you this summary report – Key Market Lessons on a Path Towards Amalgamation – and trust that it provides you with valuable assistance as you consider the future direction of your golf club.

Click here to view the Amalgamation Report.