Date: February 27, 2019
Author: David Gallichio

Clubs & Facilities Support

rt Team

The new team comprising club support in Victoria, Queensland and South Australia has been working closely as work plans are integrated.  Matt Chesterman in South Australia has been visiting districts in his initial launch into his role

In recent months we’ve had countless requests from clubs for assistance in areas such as; constitutions, governance, member protection issues, grant writing, financial analysis, vision 2025, gender equality insurance.  Most often a phone call or an email link to a resource on the portal is all that is needed.  In many cases a face to face visit by a GA staff member is more beneficial.  A number of these occur along with presentations at various industry forums.  In the case of Horsham Golf Club with major financial problems, a four day visit by John Stamp with the committee was needed. 

Identifying clubs most in need of in-depth assistance has been a challenge in the past.  Clubs are being asked for their annual reports from which clubs are categorised by turnover to review their cashflow, balance sheet and profit and loss statements.  Financial metrics are being used to determine the highest priority clubs to try and assist. The Clubs & Facilities Support team are working to finalise these metrics and gather financial data for Australian clubs to assist in GD team planning and strategic prioritisation throughout 2019.

We look forward to presenting this metric to the business prior to April.



The following activities have been undertaken in the inclusion area:

Education & Training

  • PGA All Abilities Workshop delivered during the ISPS Handa Vic Open
  • 10 new coaches for the month of January. Focus will turn to delivering one off workshops in states where FY targets are behind 6 month forecast – NT, SA, WA
  • Videos created by the PGA celebrating 100 PGA All Abilities Coaches
  • PGA have agreed to review the PGA All Abilities Coach online module with GA in the 2018/19 year.

Key Performance Indicators – Accredited Coaches

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Sabrin Nyawela will join GA on 11th February as the Participation Officer – Inclusion (Vic). Sabrin will be responsible for the SVSR (Vic) & Vic Health Freestyle Golf Workplans.

The Safe, Fair and Inclusive Framework project is well underway with Paul Oliver finalising an audit of GA Policies and Procedures and gap analysis. Report due in late February.