Date: July 09, 2014
Author: GA Rules

Competition & Course Resources

Competition Administration & Competition Conditions – Golf Australia Recommendations (17-10-14)
Includes information such as pace of play, call-up, compilation of match play draws, handicaps for use in various events (incl the Callaway Handicap System), count-back procedures and mobile phone advice.

Course Management, Marking the Course, & Course Set-up Procedures – Golf Australia Recommendations (3-04-2019)
Includes information on stroke play and match play indexes, distance markers, course records, defining out of bounds, water hazards, GUR, obstructions, and advice regarding teeing grounds and hole positions.

Course set up guidance for the organisers of elite amateur events can be found on pages 26 – 31 of Golf Australia's Elite Competition Manual

Match Play Draw Templates for competitions of 8, 16, 32 or 64 players.
{8 Players} {16 Players} {32 Players} {64 Players}

Duties of a Referee – Golf Australia Recommendations (29-3-2012)
Provides information for Referees, Observers and Referees Assisgned to a Zone

Men & Women Playing in the Same Competitions & Same-Gender Competitions Using Different Tees – Golf Australia Advice (11-12-2013)
Provides advice about men and women playing in the same competitions

Various Competitions and How they are Played (10-7-2015)
Includes information about how various events are played and their scoring systems (ie Stableford, Ambrose, Flag, Bisque)

GA Guidance Regarding Concurrent Four-ball and Singles Competitions (22-7-2009)
Provides guidance for Committees in relation to the proper process for conducting concurrent four-ball and singles competitions as well as advice on the practice of ‘Swingers’

GA Guidance for Committees – Courses With Bunkers Out of Play
Provides guidance for Club Committees in regard to courses with bunkers out of play due to weather, renovations etc

Determination of Individual Hole Score to Count on Autoscore Score Card: GA Guidance: October 2010

Elite Competiton Manual
This manual has been developed by Golf Australia in consultation with The R&A and PGA Tour of Australasia. It contains invaluable information for Commitees with respect to elite competitions. It is intended as a practical guide and includes recommendations on all aspects of running a competition.

Golf Australia Hard Card – 2019
This Hard Card is used for all Golf Australia National Championships. Committees may use this Hard Card for its own events, and may modify it for any or all of its events.

Stableford – Strokes to Points Excel Calculator

Exception to Rule 6-6d Scenarios 
The R&A's policy on the application of the Exception to Rule 6-6d

Local Rules

New R&A Local Rule: No Penalty for Ball Accidentally Moved on Putting Green (9-12-2016)
Includes various explanatory materials such as guidance for committees on adoption of the local rule in Australia.

Local Rules – Golf Australia Recommendations (1-1-2019)

“Can I use my Distance Measuring Device?”

TIO Diagrams In many major events, Temporary Immovable Obstructions (i.e. grandstands, tv towers, etc) may come into play. View diagrams on how to deal with relief situations from these obstructions.