Date: October 05, 2017
Author: Golf Australia

Competition entrants already winners

To celebrate Golf Month this October we’re giving away four ultimate golf bug adventures to Barnbougle and King Island thanks to Air Adventure Golf Tours.

To enter the competition, we’re asking golfers to tell us in 150 words or less who they will share the golf bug with during Golf Month this October.

While the ultimate prize draw isn’t until November, we’ve had so many fantastic entries that we have decided to award some early prizes to our favourite entries so far.

Congratulations to this week’s winners, who each receive a $100 Drummond Golf gift voucher thanks to our friends at Drummond Golf!

Check out our winners’ submissions:

Daniel Beard, VIC

“I work at a high school and I am going to share the bug with every single student at the school by walking the corridors chipping rubber balls around with my pitching wedge. When any student asks me why, I am going to say “Because it’s Golf Month!” I’ll tell them they should give golf a go now footy and netball seasons are over and invite them to challenge me to a chipping comp on the oval at lunch times – they’ll get a free canteen voucher if they can beat me!”

Kirsten Ross, NSW

“Going to share the golf bug with my bestie Sarah. We are both female professionals in our 30's that love sport and travelling. I only took up golf a year ago. We have both observed that the guys our age that play golf were encouraged to try golf whilst at high school or by their dads and that we didn't get this opportunity. What’s more, the only women we know playing golf are retired! Sarah has always been super sporty – into tennis, skiing and surf lifesaving – but hasn't had the time to commit to golf. She is starting a career break October long weekend, so Golf Month is perfect timing to introduce her to the sport I love, but one that is driving me mad.”

Matt Rhodes, NSW

“I'll be sharing the golf bug with my dad and my son. Dad has never had time for golf (or any other leisure activity), but he is recently retired and has plenty of spare time now. My son is 7 and just at the right age (and strength) to start swinging a club properly. Even though I'm biased (I love golf!), I can't think of a better way for three generations to spend valuable time together enjoying each other’s company and our beautiful outdoor environment. This spring/summer is going to be the start of something special!”

Ned Stokes, WA

“I’ll be sharing the golf bug with my neighbour, who has not played golf before and, as he ages like me, says he is going to join a bowls club. I can only say that at 76 I am far too young to take up bowls. Come golfing with me!”

Steve Button, TAS

“I have played and enjoyed playing golf for many years! I have two boys (8 and 12) and, although I haven't been successful in convincing my eldest to take up the sport, my youngest son Angus is really keen to get involved. We are booking him into MyGolf next term, he has just picked his first ever set of clubs and I can't wait to enjoy his company on the course. Angus suffers from cystic fibrosis so some sports are hard for him to keep up with. I think golf is the perfect sport for most people as it requires skill and concentration and is good for your general fitness!”

Note: Weekly winners will still be eligible for the overall prize.