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Contact Us and FAQ’s

CONTACT US: Email: lottery@golfaustralia.org.au Phone: 03 9663 0886 Fax: 03 9663 0887 Post: Junior Golf Development Lottery C/O Pesel & Carr Reply Paid 84561 Carlton South, VIC 3205 FAQ&aposS: What is the purpose of the Lottery? An initiative of Golf Australia s, the Lottery is aiming to raise money to go towards our Junior Development projects in line with the recent release of the Junior Vision 2018 document. When does it start/finish? Tickets are on sale from 7 September through to 30 November. Golf Australia will send ticket books to clubs at the start of September. At anytime throughout this period you can order more books through lottery@golfaustralia.org.au or calling 03 9663 0886. How much are the tickets? $5.00 each How many tickets in a book? 20, equals $100 per book. If I buy a book, can I on-sell the tickets to people? Yes as long as you only sell them for $5.00 each and complete the purchaser s details on the ticket stub. Why do you need my email address? By providing your email address we will be able to save enormous costs on mailing receipts, bonus tickets and ticket book orders via the flyer order form or website. For any ticket books ordered and bonus tickets allocated the number or range of numbers can be emailed at a great saving cost. If access to an email address is not possible then we are, of course, able to post the details to booksellers. What is the Drawing Docket? This is a condition of the permit to conduct a lottery. The Drawing Docket is the part of the ticket that will be included in all the draws. The aim is to make the draw as fair as possible so that the drawer has no opportunity to see a name, state or club as they draw the ticket. The winning Drawing Dockets numbers will be matched with the ticket stub number to determine the winner. The prize draws will be supervised by a Justice of the Peace and Golf Australia officials. Do I have to sell all the tickets sent to me? If you think you can t sell them all please send them back as soon as possible so we can sell them through other clubs. How do I return my ticket book? Make sure you have completed all the details on the inside cover and on the stubs of all the tickets. Make sure the Drawing Docket is still attached. You will have received a Reply Paid envelope with your ticket book. If you can t use this please send the ticket book to: Junior Golf Development Lottery C/o Pesel & Carr Reply Paid 84561 Carlton South VIC 3053 When are the prizes drawn? The Grand Prize and Club Prize Draws will be drawn at 4.00pm Wednesday 5 December. The Early Bird Prize Draws will take place on Fridays during the Lottery at 5.00pm on 21, 28 September, 5, 12, 19, 26 October, 2, 9, 16, 23 November. All draws will take place at the Golf Australia office, 3/95 Coventry St, South Melbourne. What are the prizes? Click here for prizes How does the Club Prize Draw work? All tickets purchased by an individual are automatically included in the Club Prize Draw. This is why it is important to ensure the club name and state is on the ticket stub. The Grand Prize Draw will take place and the winning numbers recorded and then all these tickets are returned into the barrel for the Club Prize Draw. The first three drawn will win the club prizes. How do the Early Bird Draws work? Return your tickets as early as you can and they will be included in the Early Bird Prize Draws. These will occur at 5.00pm on the on 21, 28 September, 5, 12, 19, 26 October, 2, 9, 16, 23 November. All draws will take place at the Golf Australia office, 3/95 Coventry St, South Melbourne. Eg. If you return your tickets before 5 October you will then be included in all draws from this date. All tickets entered into the Early Bird Draws will remain in the barrel for the next and subsequent Early Bird Draws. They will also remain in the barrel for the Grand and Club Prize Draws on December 5 at 4.00pm. The earlier you return your tickets the more chances you have to win. How do I claim my Bonus Ticket as a bookseller? When Golf Australia receives and processes the payment for a completely sold book a bonus ticket will be issued in the name of the bookseller as recorded on the inside cover of the ticket book. Golf Australia will complete the details and send the ticket number via email to the bookseller or by mail if no email address available. We prefer to send this information via email to save on postage costs. This ticket will be included in the Grand and Club Prize Draws and the Early Bird Prize Draws relevant to the date received. Where do I send my ticket books? Junior Golf Development Lottery C/O Pesel & Carr Reply Paid 84561 Carlton South VIC 3053 How will I know if I ve won? Golf Australia will contact all prize winners of the 1st to 6th prizes by phone and mail. The winners of the 400 Srixon Golf Ball packs will receive them by mail from Srixon. The winners of the Club Prizes will be contacted by phone and mail. The winner of the Early Bird Prizes will be contacted by phone for size/sex details. Early Bird Prize winners will be posted on the Golf Australia website each Monday following the draws on 21, 28 September, 5, 12, 19, 26 October, 2, 9, 16, 23 November. All winners will be announced in The Australian Monday December 10, 2007 and will be posted on the Golf Australia website. How do I claim my prize if I win? All prizewinners (excluding the 400 Srixon Golf Ball Pack winners) will receive a letter including instructions on how to claim their prize. This letter will include the contact details of the Golf Australia Lottery representative who will work with the prize winner to ensure the smooth delivery of their prize. The winner of the 3rd Grand Prize will need to be available to attend the 2007 MFS Australian Open Tuesday December 11 to be able to claim their Pro-Am place as part of their prize and of course stay for the tournament. All the travel prizes&apos flights and accommodation will be coordinated by The Travel Store www.thetravelstore.com.au. What kind of Junior Golf Projects are we supporting? Where will all the proceeds go? The money raised through the Golf Australia Junior Development Lottery will be put toward assisting all junior levels of golf, from those just beginning the game to those who are excelling at an elite level. The funds will be distributed throughout the States to develop, implement and enhance junior golf programs with a vision of attracting more young people to the game and producing the Aaron Baddeley&aposs and Karrie Webb&aposs of tomorrow, as well as contributing to a healthy and active community. The newly released Vision 2018 document will guide the distribution of all money raised through the Golf Australia Junior Golf Development Lottery and see that it goes toward shaping a vibrant and active future for Australia&aposs junior golfers. What happens if my ticket book is lost? Please alert Golf Australia as soon as possible on 03 9626 5000 or lottery@golfaustralia.org.au. What will you do with my personal information? As per the Terms and Conditions by entering the Lottery, unless otherwise advised by the entrant, each ticket buyer consents to the personal information they submit with their ticket stub being entered into a database and permanently retained by Golf Australia. This data may be utilised by Golf Australia for the distribution of official correspondence and promotional material, such as the Golf Australia e-newsletter, in both electronic and hard copy means. Upon receipt by Golf Australia of a written request, a lottery entrant may either have access to their details to update or correct any information, or have their details deleted from the database.