Date: August 26, 2019
Author: Greg Oakford

Content strategy

Strategic plan link: "Develop a national communications strategy for all target segments"

An interim content strategy project plan has been produced with a recommendation being put forward to engage with a specialised company to help GA produce a content strategy to set the organisation up for the next 24-36 months. We are currently in discussions with three different companies and will be engaging with our preferred partner very soon. Part of the content strategy project is to ensure we are providing value to golfers on our database and future golfers who will come into the GA digital ecosystem via our customer acquisition strategy.

We have identified that we are lacking “evergreen” content which is relevant content that doesn’t become dated (i.e. tips, rules, written features on courses, useful blogs). As part of this project we will be assessing how we deliver content to various audiences, what platforms are best to deliver content and what content pillars we focus on.

In terms of timelines, we are working towards having a content strategy roadmap in place to coincide with our new website launch. The content strategy will play an integral role in the success of the new website and growing brand affinity to GA and the sport in general.