Date: April 03, 2019
Author: Gerard Kennedy

Corporate Services updates

People & Culture Update – Resourcing

As previously advised Amanda Howes has resigned from her position with Golf Australia. She is currently assisting with some transition work but is no longer working with us in a day to day capacity and we are currently in market for a replacement:

Please contact Gerard Kennedy for any People and Culture issues that you would have raised with Amanda until a replacement is in place.

During Amanda’s tenure with GA we were able to learn more about this role and decided to replace her with a less senior resource but increase the scope of the role from four days per week to full time.

We have also identified a need for more strategic support in the People and Culture area. Sharon Griffin has been engaged to assist with this. She will work primarily with the General Managers to ensure effective leadership and to alignment with the organisational values currently being developed.

People & Culture Update – Organisation Values

Follow up work to the values session held at the staff conference in December has been undertaken by the General Managers team. The next step in this process is for a cross department and location group to meet on Thursday 4th April. A further update will be provided following this meeting to outline the process to finalise, launch and embed these values.


The need for improved and increased communication across all sites has been clearly identified. All staff should ensure they have access to Teams and are logging in to it each day, as Teams will be the tool for:

  • Video conferencing
  • Informal all staff communications instead of all staff emails
  • Informal all staff communications that would have been a kitchen chat when all working in one office
  • Communications for specific groups – your department, office, team of people working on an event etc.

A trial of fixed video equipment is underway in the head office and Queensland meeting rooms and has been working well to date. Upon completion equipment will be rolled out to other meeting rooms and boardrooms in all offices. This will help reduce the need for travel to internal meetings while still facilitating improved connections across offices. The business will benefit from lower flight and accommodation costs, and employees see wellness benefits from reduced travel needs.


Beginning in December over 40 corporate and personal accounts representing more than 130 mobile and data services have been consolidated into a single GA corporate account. The benefits of this to the business include less processing of reimbursements by the Finance team and data sharing across all plans.

Our new phone system is edging closer with the process of moving the 6 state and GA legacy systems of ISDN and PABX based telephony to the TIPT (internet based) platform continuing. TIPT detailing is underway, which basically means Telstra is designing the system background. Unfortunately, we haven’t been given any delivery dates and the process isn’t being delivered in a linear fashion, so it would be speculative to nominate a deployment date. We will continue to update you all as we know more.

MDM or Mobile Device Management will be enabled through the Cisco Meraki devices in our IT system. This will help improve security of mobile phones which often have access to sensitive information through emails and Dropbox.