Date: September 05, 2013
Author: Shellharbour City Mayor Mari anne Saliba

Council moves to resolve the future of The Links

4th September 2013 – Media Release Shellharbour City Mayor Mari anne Saliba At its meeting last night the Council considered a report on the potential of private operators and developers to operate The Links along with the next steps to enable this to be fully explored. In commenting on the matter today, the Mayor noted that the Council was of a single mind to resolve the future of The Links. “This is a matter that has to be put to rest. The uncertainty surrounding the operation of The Links and its hotel has gone on long enough”, said Cr Saliba. The Council considered the expressions of interest that have been received since 2011, and decided to proceed to a full open tender. This will include, but not limited to, the sale of the entire site, and/or the sale of the hotel and accommodation site and a long term lease of The Links golf course. “In agreeing to this, the Council wanted to ensure that the possibility of a private operator taking on The Links was fully explored. The final terms of any tender would of course, have to be acceptable to both the council and any preferred tenderer. If this could not be achieved,then the Council would look at other options.” said Cr Saliba. Cr Moran said that he was fully supportive of the Council decision. “I agree that this matter has to be resolved. Going to tender is an essential first step to securing the best outcome for our ratepayers”, he said.