Date: February 07, 2018
Author: MyGolf

Creighton crowned MyGolf School Ambassador of the year

Paul Creighton from Dapto High School has officially been crowned the 2017 MyGolf School Ambassador year.

Delivering a range of innovative programs and engagement methods to a large cohort of female students, Creighton was chosen from more than 1000 other golf-loving teachers to win the honour.

Creighton was extremely pleased to be crowned with the inaugural award.

“I am humbled to be recognised with such a great prize for basically doing my job,” Creighton said.

“This is more of a reflection of the outstanding commitment, effort and passion of the students who embraced the various range of activities they were involved in throughout the program.”

Creighton took on the opportunity to introduce his students, from a range of diverse and low socio-economic backgrounds, to golf via the Australian Sports Commission’s Youth Participation Program.

The programs Creighton offered included virtual golf and driving range visits, girls-only classes, inclusion of aerobic and fitness exercises, using senior students to mentor younger students and a final session parent and child nine-hole golf competition, all while developing strong links with the local community.

Creighton says there have been many positive outcomes created through the delivery of golf in his school.

“The golf program allows students the opportunity to engage in a physical activity they may not be able to access outside of school,” he said.

“Further, students come to realise the many benefits of picking up a golf club including the social aspects, developing patience, improving their mental toughness and refining their key fundamental movement skills.”

Creighton’s satisfaction of introducing his students to the game that he loves so much comes from the development that occurs from each student on a personal level, not necessarily their skills.

“The highlight for me was being able to provide students with opportunities to step outside their comfort zone, develop their self-esteem and self-confidence both physically and socially throughout the program.”

For his efforts, Creighton will be rewarded with an all-expenses paid trip for two to the ISPS Handa Women’s Australian Open at Kooyonga Golf Club in South Australia.

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