Date: April 03, 2007
Author: Sportal

Dad got me through it: Tiger

Tiger Woods has reflected on the role his late father played in his maiden major victory, the 1997 US Masters. Woods said his touch had deserted him in the days leading into that tournament but was inspired by his father, who had defied doctor&aposs orders by heading to Augusta following a heart attack earlier in the year. “When I got up to Saturday night with dad, he and I were just sitting there. It&aposs past midnight, both of us don&apost sleep very well. We were just rapping, talking,” Woods recalled. “He was just, &aposgo to sleep, it&aposs going to be the most important round of your life but you can handle it. Just go out there and do what you do. Get in your own little world and just go out there and thrash &aposem&apos.” “That was the mindset and I hugged him on 18. Looking back on it now I couldn&apost have won that tournament without him.” Woods not only won the tournament but did so in style, winning by a Masters record of 12 strokes. Woods senior, though, has since passed away in 2006 after fighting a long battle with prostate cancer.