Date: November 18, 2015
Author: David Tease Golf NSW

District golf goes commercial

Golf Illawarra are taking a ‘Commercial’ approach to this year’s summer of Golf.

A Television Commercial that is.

“We tried to be a bit creative and took it upon ourselves to support and promote golf,” says Golf Illawarra President Ron Adams. “Not just be seen to run district comps and pennants.”

Golf Illawarra decided a few years ago to take a different approach to promoting themselves and the game. Beginning with a new district name, a new website, and a new logo. The opportunity to shoot and broadcast their own commercial is part of this strategy.

“We saw an opportunity to advertise on TV during the Australian Masters, The Emirates Australian Open and the Australian PGA.”

17 of Golf Illawarra club’s have agreed to help fund the production and broadcast costs. The 30 second advertisements will air on Prime TV during the golf telecasts over the next three weeks.

“The clubs have been really supportive of the idea,” Mr Adams Says. “Some clubs have never advertised this way before, so it’s very much testing the water for them.”

Golf Illawarra hope that it will lead to greater recoginition of golf within the district.

“We hope it will increase the number of players on course socially, and hopefully we’ll see an increase in membership numbers down the road.”

“At the very least we hope it gets people out on the golf course.” Says Mr Adams.