Date: September 11, 2014

Diversity in Golf

Golf is a sport that proudly accommodates people with a range of abilities and cultural differences. A variety of peak organizations at state and national level are available to assist those who are looking to play golf.

National Organisations >>> Click to view Golfers with Disability Programs and Events

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State Organisations

> Queensland Amputee Golf Association
> Limbs 4 Life (VIC)
> Amputee Golf South Australia
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Golf Australia is proud to be committed to Sports CONNECT, an initiative to help ensure the game is inclusive of people with a disability. CONNECT stands for Creating Opportunities Nationally through Networks in Education, Classification and Training and the scheme is governed by the Australian Sports Commission in partnership with various national sporting organisations. Golf Australia is dedicated to making the game, in its many forms, accessible to everyone across the country. This can be achieved by creating an environment for participation which is inclusive of anyone wishing to experience golf, including people with a disability.

Golf Australia plans to work closely with State Golf Associations throughout the country to implement the initiative. The Golf Australia Disability Action Plan includes activities such as coach and administrator training, policy development, research, and resource production with the aim of creating an inclusive environment for all people to participate in.

The Sport CONNECT Committee for Golf is:
Kellie Chilton, Australian Sports Commission Case Manager
Chris Luz-Raymond, CEO Golf SA (State Representative)
Adrian Hewat -Golf Queensland Development Manager
Stuart Leong – PGA of Australia
Frances Crampton – National Director – Golf Development, Golf Australia

Benefits Sports CONNECT can bring to golf include:
• Increased participation levels and a broader participation base
• Increased number of coaches who are able to teach athletes with a disability
• Improved delivery of coaching through greater awareness of inclusive coaching techniques
• Improved culture of the sport and community focus
• Enhanced links with disabled sporting organizations.

Resources for Golfers with Disabilities

Golf Rules Modifications

  • Click here to down load a copy of the R&A publication, “A Modification of the Rules of Golf for Golfers with Disabilities 2008-2011.
  • Blind Golf Information DVD

Special Olympics


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