Date: December 11, 2015
Author: Martin Blake

Dump dress rules, says the Shark

Greg Norman wants radical change in golf, advocating the notion that cut-off jeans and ipods should be allowed at public facilities.

Speaking to the News-Press in Florida, where he is hosting this week's Franklin Templeton Shootout, Norman continued his push for relaxing some of golf's old conventions.

"I'm trying to unlock the code," Norman said. "When you take pockets of a lot of golf courses, they're asset rich and cash poor. Financially, many are in a desperate state. They want to know how they can get people back in the game. You can reduce time. You can play six holes in an hour-and-a-half, 12 holes in three hours."

The Shark has been a longtime supporter of public courses relaxing their dress regulations. "If they want to play in cut-off jeans and a T-shirt at a public facility, let them go," Norman said. "If they want to go on the course with a skateboard, let them go. If they want to put an iPod in their ears or play music, let them go. "Why not take a look at it? That’s all I ask."