Date: April 15, 2013
Author: Khan Pullen - High Performance Manager, Golf NSW

Eat your greens

At a recent Golf NSW High Performance training session, squad members visited a local supermarket with Golf NSW consultant nutritionist Joanne Turner to gain an insight on how the players can best prepare nutritionally when on the road. Joanne informed the players on general aspects of food labelling, what types of foods the players should be looking to purchase for meals and also for oncourse snacks. Joanne also provided individualised information depending on each athlete&aposs training and weight management goals. The squad members were required to purchase food items based on Joanne&aposs advice to make lunch for the day. Following the supermarket visit Joanne and all the squad members went back to Joanne&aposs cooking education facility at Miranda to make lunch. All squad members were hands on at the facility making fruit smoothies, home-made hamburgers and pizzas for lunch. Squad members thoroughly enjoyed the experience and learnt that with a bit of planning and minimal resources, there is no excuse for poor nutritional habits when at home or travelling. Golf NSW would like to thank Joanne Turner for a highly educational and enjoyable experience and would recommend to any committed player that they visit Joanne to learn how correct nutritional habits can support training and weight management goals they may have for themselves. For more information on Joanne and services provided please click on the following link: