Date: September 18, 2015
Author: C.Puccini, Golf SA

Edition 12 – ‘Best of golf in SA’ at Ardrossan GC

The Sunday Mail’s Ben Hook and Royal Adelaide Teaching Professional Daniel Blackwell have continued their golf course review extravaganza, heading to the Yorke Peninsula to review a handful of courses.

First stop is the Ardrossan Golf Club situated approximately 90 minutes from Adelaide.

The course is fairly challenging for a Sand Greens layout and is the first Sand Greens Course Hook & Blackwell play and review.

The first hole for review is the 79m par 3, 16th the shortest hole on course and also the signature hole.

According to the Club website “at 79m the hole seems simple on paper but it needs to be respected as there have been some big numbers recorded on this hole over the years”.

The boys safely clear the creek with their wedges, but can they master the art of putting on sandgreens? Not with their first putts anyway! Check the video of the 16th……and how not to putt!

Next hole for review at Ardrossan is the 152m par 3, 13th. Blackwell makes regulation par but Hook is way left off the tee….can he get ‘up and down’? Watch video.

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