Date: July 28, 2015
Author: Christian Puccini / Golf SA

Edition: 2 Best of golf in SA with Hook and Blackwell

The 'Best 18 Holes in South Australia' concept has grown 'ten pairs of legs', since Sports Columnist for the Sunday Mail, Ben Hook and Royal Adelaide Teaching Professional Daniel Blackwell announced they would be compiling a short list ahead of selecting their final ‘Best 18 holes’ in October.

With 82 comments on the Golf SA Facebook page with golfers offering their suggestions, it is proving to be a very popular exercise.

Golf SA will continue to publish on the Golf SA website the video from each club visit.

The following has been provided by Ben Hook as a guide:

1. We want to find the most playable holes for pros and amateurs alike. 430m par fours are great for professionals but can make a 20-handicapper want to quit the game. We want to be inclusive.

2. Course conditioning counts for little. While we prefer the club mower doesn't have cobwebs, this is not an exercise in sand belt course worship. Small clubs, budget courses and scrapes are all on the agenda. We're interested in layout, vista and, above all, fun.

3. On top of city courses, we have travel plans to: Barossa and Gawler, Riverland, Yorke Peninsula and Clare, Northern and Western SA, South-East. Dates will be provided in due course.

4. While we're dedicated, we can't play every hole at every course. So if you want to invite us, please suggest just your best two or three. That way we can keep our search as broad as possible.

5. In October, the Sunday Mail will unveil our final 18. We've settled on coming up with a regional nine for the state edition, and a metro nine for the city edition the same day.

There will no restriction on just one 1st hole, one 2nd hole etc. We simply want SA's best 18 and if half of them are all, for example, the 13th hole on their home courses, that's fine by us.

Ben Hook