Date: October 16, 2015
Author: Empower Golf Australia

Empower makes the impossible possible for Australians of all abilities

People with disabilities all over the country will now be able to try golf the first time!

Empower Golf Australia is excited to announce a schedule of development golf clinics for disabled individuals across Australia as part of GOLF MONTH.

Two clinics will be held in each state capital during October, where individuals of any standard or ability will be able to try golf using the ParaGolfer and other adaptive equipment.

The ParaGolfer (pictured) is an all-terrain revolutionary mobility advice which manoeuvres individuals into the standing position to replicate the full golfing experience.

James Gribble, founder of Empower Golf was an obsessive golfer prior to breaking his neck and is now one of the only quadriplegic golfers in the country. He has experienced first-hand how golf can change someone's life as both an able-bodied and now disabled individual.

"Golf is the only sport with the unique handicap system which allows individuals to enjoy and compete irrespective of age, gender or ability. It delivers physical, mental and psychological benefits as well as a sense of community which is key for overall health and quality of life. It is also arguably the only lifelong sport"

Speaking of his experiences with Empower Golf, "I recently had an individual who had been wheelchair-bound for over 20 years in tears after his first session in the Paragolfer. Not only was he standing upright again after all that time but returning to his favourite sport, one he thought he had lost forever."

Empower facilitates and promotes golf for less able Australians and are currently establishing a network of golf clubs to provide access and support to disabled individuals.

Apart from funding and providing equipment for disabled golfers, Empower delivers a pathway for individuals to try, improve and compete in golf through organising development clinics, coaching and tournaments, with the ultimate goal of Paralympic inclusion.

To attend an Empower Golf clinic during GOLF MONTH, click here to find a clinic in your state capital city.