Date: September 19, 2014

Facility Management & Strategy

Facility management includes the daily management of the golf and hospitality functions as well as the maintenance and upgrading of the course and clubhouse.

The success of this management is determined by the skills and experience of the people who run them (aided by policies and procedures), the way the board and committees work together (governance), and the funds that exist to upgrade club infrastructure and equipment.

Supporting the strategic area of Clubs and Facilities Health, GA is currently developing a National Facilities Strategy to support the provision of well located, welcoming, accessible and sustainable golf facilities with a focus on:

  • Improving the quality, functionality and sustainability of existing golf facilities and protecting sites in key locations.
  • Assisting the planning, funding and development of new and sustainable golf facilities in key growth areas.
  • Ensuring all golf facilities cater for an increasing diversity of participants.
  • Developing relationships with all levels of government and other organisations in the advocacy, planning and provision of golf facilities.
  • Facilitating opportunities to create community and regional golf facility hubs.

The national strategy will deliver a ‘full set’ of facility planning tools and resources designed to assist clubs and facilities, local councils and facility operators and owners in the future planning of golf facility projects. 

The outcomes will include a facility planning framework with the roles of key stakeholders identified, a hierarchy of golf venues with defined facility elements, programs and service levels, preferred guidelines for golf facility development projects and a national audit of golf facilities that identifies key issues, gaps and future opportunities. The process will also guide the establishment of local government reference groups, state and regional level facility development plans and identifying ‘at-risk’ clubs and facilities.

Golf Australia National Facilities Plan.pdf


Queensland State-wide Facility Plan Project

In partnership with the Queensland Government, GA has commenced with the assistance of Inside Edge the development of a Queensland State-wide Golf Facilities Plan. This is an exciting and important project that will align to the national facilities strategy and provide valuable insights to assist the future development of other State/Territory facility plans.

The Queensland State-wide Golf Facilities Plan will enable strategic decision making and leadership in facility provision and condition across the state with the aim to address the challenges that the sport is facing through developing a plan that provides golf in Queensland with:

  • An understanding of current and future facility needs.
  • Identifies facility planning and development initiatives that supports sustainable clubs and facilities.
  • Recommends short, medium and long term infrastructure development priorities.

For more information about the project Project Bulletin #1_QLD Golf Facilities Plan.pdf