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How does it work?

Golf Club Connect connects you to golf club offers including come and try and memberships at Australian Golf Clubs. Great rates and offers are available across many different types of golf clubs Australia wide. Simply Search and find an offer that suits you and pay online, or contact the golf club to find out more.

Is my personal information kept private?

Absolutely. We do not divulge any personal information to anyone except the minimum necessary for the participating golf club to follow your sign up or enquiry through. For more information, see our privacy policy.

Is it safe to use my credit card online?

To eliminate the chance of unlawful interception on the Internet your credit card details are processed using 128 bit encryption methods. Golf Link please confirm how secure pay works.

Will the golf club receive my sign up or enquiry immediately?

Yes, your booking details are sent electronically to the golf club as soon as the credit card transaction is approved. The golf club may request you to call them to book in either a time to meet the relevant membership person, or to book your Come and Try game. Otherwise the golf club contact person will contact you as soon as possible between working hours to discuss their clubs process.

Can I buy a Golf Club Connect membership if I am already a member of another golf club and have an official handicap?

No you cannot. There is a 12 month moratorium from the time you leave a golf club and relinquish your active official Golf Australia handicap to when you can join a golf club through a Golf Club Connect offer.

Can I buy a Golf Club Connect come and try offer or an offer that does not include membership if I am a member of a golf club?

Yes, anyone can purchase one of these offers regardless of whether they are a member of a golf club.


We understand that circumstances may change and that you may wish to cancel your purchase. Please ensure you read all program guidelines and terms and conditions prior to purchasing as many participating golf clubs will not offer refunds once your purchase has been confirmed. In extenuating circumstances, some refunds may be considered which can be requested and are left to the help desk s discretion as long as they are within 5 days of the sign up date. A minimum transaction fee of $20 will apply to most refunds. E.g. If the membership or offer costs $100, the refund amount will be $80. Please refer to the programs Terms and Conditions refunds for more detail. > View our Terms and Conditions