Date: March 14, 2017
Author: Golf Queensland

Far North Queensland moving forward

Golf Queensland Chair David Brett joined Far North Queensland President Danny Bradley on ABC Far North Queensland Radio last weekend to discuss golf in the region. Brett will be on hand at the FNQ Annual General Meeting to give clubs a brief of what is happening around the region and report on golf operations at a state and national level.

Transcript: Saturday, March 11, 2017

Brett: “Golf in general across the country, especiall in participation, is up at the moment, particularly this region here in Far North Queensland with a great approach to juniors, ladies, and high performance…”

Danny: “We have a pretty good participation rate with the juniors at the moment, we are expanding to make 9 holes a bigger focus… They can then progress to 18 holes which encourages the kids to  participate in club competitions, participation at a regional level, and provides them with a pathway to move through to state and national level honours if they keep with the programs.”

David: “Attracting golfers 30-45 years and over is one of the major challenges of golf, it is the participation and change in lifestyle that they find difficult with time constraints… however we have seen a resurgence of that 30 year old bracket starting to come back in due to different types of club memberships, club offerings, and types of competitions. Certainly I think the ability to play competition golf is what brings people back to the game after lifestyle changes, after they have more time on their hands.”

David: "Women are a real focus for Far North Queensland and Golf Queensland with the Ladies Let’s Golf program just kicking off up here. We have Virginia Irwin heading up to run the program and focus on promoting the game within women and clubs throughout the North."