Date: March 15, 2016
Author: Christian Puccini

First Footgolf facility opens in South Australia

Mount Pleasant Golf Club has become the first official Footgolf facility in South Australia after launching their 9 hole Course on Monday 14 March.

FootGolf is played the same way as golf on a golf course except that players use a football instead of a golf ball and the ball is kicked rather than struck with a club towards a larger cup in place of the usual golf hole.

Beginning in the Netherlands in 2009, Footgolf is now played in 26 Countries and in the US alone the number of Footgolf courses has grown to 260 in the past year.

Mount Pleasant Golf Club becomes the ninth official FootGolf venue in Australia.

Golf Australia and Football Federation Australia have signed an Memorandum of understanding to promote the sport.

“Footgolf provides an opportunity for golf clubs to offer a fun, new innovative product and diversify their revenue streams.” said Christian Puccini, Communications and Development Manager from Golf SA

“The average age of a Golf Club member in South Australia is 56, so it allows clubs to reach a new audience and also engage with their local communities and sporting clubs.”

“By having new customers at their venues it will ideally then lead to an increase in golf participation.” Puccini added.

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