Date: April 08, 2016
Author: Golf Australia

Fitness focus gets girls into golf

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Girls at St Clares College have been getting into golf thanks to the passion and innovation of PE teacher and newly MyGolf School Ambassador Michelle Clark’s idea to incorporate a focus on golf specific strength and fitness exercises.

Ms Clarke has been offering golf within her PE classes for a number of years and is always looking for new ways of engaging her secondary students in the lessons.

Ms Clarke has delivered a range of different golf programs, including speed golf, which is a race to play golf as well and as quick as possible. However this term, she used her creativity to incorporate a fitness element to her golf lessons to teach her students a range of specific fitness, stretching and strengthening exercises related to golf.

The lessons already include a variety of activities that encourages skill and technical mastery of key skills of golf such as; putting, chipping, full swing and bunker play, however adding the fitness and aerobic element has given the girls an opportunity to focus on other components of the game other than just hitting the ball.

Using a range of enjoyable and challenging yoga, platies and gym based exercises Ms Clarke has been able to expose the girls to an element of the game that many of her students would not relate to golf.

The program also incorporates a visit to the local Canberra International Pitch n Putt, which gives the girls an opportunity to put their technical and physical learnings into play on the greens of a golf facility.