Date: October 12, 2015
Author: Robert Grant

Fitter Lyle returns to US PGA Tour

Victoria's Jarrod Lyle returns to the US PGA Tour this week determined to repair the one area of his game he is convinced is holding him back.

Lyle tees up in the Open in Napa, California, on a sponsor's invitation after a lengthy break at home in Australia.

Following a week easing his way back into competition, Lyle says he knows exactly what he needs to work on.

"Well after a week up along the Murray river playing some pro ams I have come home and know exactly what needs attention before I fly back to America, that's my putting," Lyle said on his website.

"I played very well from tee to green in every pro am but when I got on the greens things went a bit off.

"I had a lot of good looks at birdies all day every day but missed a lot of them and kept putting myself under pressure to make something happen. 

"I knew going into the week that the putting needed a bunch of work so now it's time to hit the greens and get working on fixing the small issue that's there," he said.

While his work with the flat stick needs improvement, Lyle believes he can coax more from his putter.

"It's not much and as you all know the minute you see some putts dropping in then the hole gets bigger and more putts follow in. 

“It's such a fickle thing and I think the harder you try and make the putt go in the further it misses by. 

"But it's very easy to try and force the ball in the hole when things aren't going well. It also filters down through the rest of your game and puts a lot of pressure on your driving and on your iron play, cause if you know that if you miss a fairway or you miss a green you know that it could be an automatic bogey. 

"Trust me it's not a good feeling to have but I also know I am not alone in feeling this way."

A multiple cancer survivor, Lyle said he now felt physically more prepared to tackle the rigors of the US Tour.

"I am…getting anxious to see if the work I have done off course will help me on the course," he said.

"I know that after my rounds I am not as tired and I feel a lot stronger within myself. But until I get out there and put myself under PGA tournament pressure I will not know. 

"I do know one thing though, I will give it everything I have got in every tournament I play and I know the results will come at some stage.

Lyle took a break from the circuit after the Colonial tournament in May to improve his fitness and save the 10 starts he has remaining on his medical exemption.

If he can manage to bank around $US217,000 before he runs out of chances he will be promoted to the Major Medical category for the remainder of the season.