Date: November 14, 2017
Author: Roy Fleming

For Norris, it’s back to basics

Jason Norris is the first to admit his preparation for this year’s NSW Open hasn’t been great, but at least he has an excellent excuse.

The Adelaide-based professional arrived in Europe not long after his life-changing win in the Fiji International – the biggest win of his lengthy career – with a tweak in his back that would go on to become a genuine pain the backside.

“It (the back) was stiff. I think it was probably the flight,” he said.

“It just got worse, and I had to rest it and take a few weeks off. But I’ve been practising a lot more recently, and I’ve noticed it’s still getting sore,” he said.

“So I’m still taking it a bit easy.”

The laconic 44-year-old should be entering the Open at Twin Creeks brimming with confidence coming off his incredible win in August, and he is.

“Winning like that gives you the belief that you can do it (win on the biggest stage),” he said.

“Winning is winning – whether it’s at the NSW Open or in Europe.

“Any tournament win helps create confidence.”

Norris has played the Twin Creeks layout just once in his career but has heard good things about it.

“When I played many years it was really dry, and it was tough,” he said.

“But it’s a nice course. You have to place it a lot more.”

Norris has a full year on the European Tour to look forward to after his stunning breakthrough win in Fiji, but not before he enjoys yet another summer of golf in Australia, which will act as a warm-up for the biggest year of golfing career.

The conditions for the first two rounds here at Twin Creeks, however, might feel a little European – with drizzle and temperatures in the mid-20s the forecast for Thursday and Friday.

But Norris is hoping the course stays pretty firm.

“I don’t like it when it gets too soft,” he said.

“But we’ll just see what happens. I’d like to play well, and that’s the focus for me.”