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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the MYGolf National Skills Challenge & Awards Program? The MYGolf Skills Challenge is a framework targeted to boys and girls aged 8 14 years to develop and assess their golf skills. The program mantra is designed to develop the six key skills of the game, being: Rip It – Long Shots Roll It – Putting Chip It – Chipping Fly It – Pitching Blast It – Bunker Shots Bend It – Manoeuvring the Ball These skills are tested across five graded levels in each of three main award categories called: Bronze, Silver and Gold. What are the benefits for a facility to register as a MYGolf Centre? Increase in revenue Promote the Centre s program for free Increase in the number of juniors Receive a kit with extensive resources Flexible program framework to suit the Centre Juniors will be directed to Centre s via the MYGolf web site There is no cost to register as a MYGolf Centre How much is the MYGolf Member Enrolment Fee? A one-off joining fee of $33.00 (inc GST) per child is charged by the MYGolf Centre and paid to GA. The MYGolf Centre then adds its own fee. The fee charged by the Centre is dependent on how the Centre wants to incorporate the Skills Challenge into their existing program(s), the number of weeks of the program, and how much the Centre wants to contribute to and invest in junior development. The $33.00 joining fee goes towards the costs of producing the resources that the child receives. How long does the program go for? The program is run over a number of weeks which is determined by the MYGolf Centre. As a guide it is recommended that the program be run over 8 to 10 weeks. How do children join MYGolf? Children can only join the program at an accredited MYGolf Centre. What standard of player will the MYGolf Member be when they have progressed through each of the Award Levels? The Skills Challenge provides a framework for the progressive development of the skills of the game. As a guide only; when the Bronze Award level has been achieved, the Member will be at a stage to obtain a handicap. After completion of the Silver Award Level, the Member will be ready to play in competitions and after the final Gold Award level, the Member should be a highly skilled golfer. Who can deliver the program? PGA Members, PGA Trainees, Community Golf Coaches, Development Officers, School Teachers, Club Volunteers and Parents. What does a MYGolf Centre receive to run the program? A kit which includes instructions on how to run the program, brochures, posters, certificates, templates, centre sign and on-line resources. Who should you contact with queries or feedback? Golf Australia at mygolf@golfaustralia.org.au, (03) 9626 5050 or your State Association or Junior Foundation Who developed the program and who is it endorsed by? The program was originally developed by the Victorian Golf Association as the model for the national program. The program is endorsed by Golf Australia (GA), the Australian Sports Commission and the R&A and has the support of all State Associations and Junior Foundations, with Greg Norman and Karrie Webb as Ambassadors. The following resources and bodies are highly recommended to assist with developing participation initiatives: Junior Golf Foundations Stuart Appleby Junior Golf (VIC) Contact: Ashley Marshall Phone: (03) 8545 6200 Email:sajg@golfvic.org.au Mail: PO Box 287 Mulgrave Victoria 3170 Web: www.stuartappleby.com.au Jack Newton Junior Golf (NSW) Contact: Ross Abbott Phone: (02) 9567 7736 Email: schools@jnjg.com.au Mail: PO Box A138 Arncliffe NSW 2205 Web: www.jnjg.com.au Greg Norman Junior Golf Foundation (QLD) Contact: Rae Clark Phone: (07) 32160552 Email: gnjuniorgolf@gregnorman.com.au Mail: PO Box 50 RBH Herston QLD 4012 Web: www.gngf.org.au Other websites Play by the Rules www.playbytherules.net.au England Golf www.getintogolf.org Golf Development Wales www.golfdevelopmentwales.org Royal Canada Golf Association (Future Links) www.future-links.org Junior Links www.juniorlinks.com Publications Click here to download the MYGolf Schools 1 Program (2.9mb), PDF Click here to download the MYGolf Schools 2 Program (2.9mb), PDF Vision 2018: Junior Golf in Australia Click here to view the Golf Australia Member Protection Policy A Quick Guide to the Rules in Brief