Date: February 08, 2018
Author: Andrew Frackowski

From Mickey Mouse to the Aussie Open

A trip to Disneyland was all the bribe a young Alison Lee needed to become a world-class golfer.

This is the enticement her father used to convince Lee to do something she wasn’t initially keen on. 

For now 22-year-old LPGA Tour star Lee – in Adelaide next week to play her first ISPS Handa Women's Australian Open – it was just the motivation needed. 

When Lee was five, she first visited a course with her golf enthusiast father and would run around the green with a club in the air rather than hitting the ball.

Her father told Lee “if she practises and concentrates, he would take her to Disneyland” – a bribe for which she is now very thankful.

“When I was between the ages of 6-10, I had a season pass to every amusement park in Southern California,” she joked. 

“He says I did not like golf much when I first started, so he gave me something to play for to get me excited. 

"When I played in a few small tournaments when I was around seven or eight, I started to love the competition and enjoyed playing more.

“I am thanking him for that now.”

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