Date: June 18, 2014
Author: Stephen Pitt

From the CEO’s desk: June 2014

This November, Golf Australia, in partnership with State Associations and with the support of the PGA of Australia and Golf Management Australia, will coordinate the first national Playgolf WEEK campaign from 17-23 November 2014.

At the time of going to print, more than 160 golf clubs around the country have signed up to be part of the fun.

Playgolf WEEK is a Golf Australia-led participation initiative using a national engagement campaign to raise awareness and involvement in golf.

Its purpose is to raise the profile of golf to new, social and future players, leading to increased participation (club memberships, participation program enrolment, golf lessons, rounds of golf, golf facility visits and more).

State Associations will conduct various public awareness activities in each capital city. These activities are designed to generate interest in the concept and drive potential players to various activities to be held at golf facilities in your state during the week.  

The national campaign is based on a successful pilot conducted in South Australia in late 2013.

Being involved in Playgolf WEEK provides golf clubs with an opportunity to leverage off a national campaign. Rather than each club invest in their individual promotion and recruitment campaigns, a national approach is more cost effective, with potentially more reach. It also allows for the promotion of one consistent message to avoid consumer confusion.

Without doubt, the support and participation of golf clubs will be a major factor in the success of Playgolf WEEK. This event is a great place to start in turning around membership trends, but club support is critical to its success.

The Come and Try Day on Sunday 23 November is a way for involved clubs to promote your club’s facilities to the local community. Each club may have different objectives or ideas for their Day based on available facilities, time, etc.

Come and Try Days could be a clinic, a 3, 6 or 9-hole competition, a putting competition, discounted range balls,  etc. The possibilities are endless. For those clubs lucky enough to have membership waiting lists, you may like to promote the services of your Club Professional, or promote your clubhouse facilities for functions.

Golf Australia, the State Associations and the industry bodies have sent out communications to all golf clubs about being involved in Playgolf WEEK. We’d certainly like to have your support in the week of national activities.

If you have not received initial Playgolf WEEK communications from your State Association or Golf Australia and would like to be involved in the 2014 campaign, please contact us as soon as possible via (03) 9626 5000.


We look forward to seeing you in a big week of golf across Australia in November. Visit more information.