Date: May 04, 2012
Author: Stephen Pitt

From the CEO’s desk: May 2012

After such a strong summer of golf in Australia, now is the time that social golfers may be considering renewing a lapsed club membership or becoming a club member for the first time and in many respects, there’s never been a better time to consider club membership.

With competition for attention in the market increasing, there are now arguably a greater variety of membership options available than ever before and golf clubs are realising the need to be creative and innovative in both the categories of membership available and the benefits and costs associated.

With this in mind, Golf Australia will soon launch Golf Club Connect – a website marketplace where clubs can advertise their membership offerings to the wider Australian community and use this marketing tool to help boost membership numbers.

Our feedback suggests and in common sense, the easier and user friendly we make it to find out about Australian golf club memberships, what the benefits are and how much it could cost, the more chance the industry has of gaining members across the country.

The digital arena is the place to make this happen and activity in the market reflects that. A range of sectors have had to quickly adapt to cater for the increasing number of transactions that are now made online.

When you see Golf Club Connect formally announced, I encourage you and your club to make the most of the opportunity and get in contact with Golf Australia to find out how to be a part of it. It may even be the case that players weren’t aware you had openings in your membership!

Golf Australia has a responsibility to golf clubs to help develop and initiate new methods for maintaining economic strength in their business.

From a national perspective, one portal that holds all of the offerings in one place and is easily accessible makes the most sense.

Stay tuned to for more information.

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