Date: August 20, 2014
Author: Golf Australia

GA establishes Nominations committee

Click here to view the Nominations Committee Guidelines

Earlier this year Golf Australia established a Nominations Committee, which is in line with the Australian Sports Commission's mandatory governance principles for National Sporting Organisations. 

The Nominations Committee is designed to undertake a range of important roles within the governance of Australian golf including: developing a skills matrix and best fit for Golf Australia directors; providing guidance to Member Associations about potential candidates going up for election; helping to identify potential appointed directors; and providing guidance to the Golf Australia Chairman and Board regarding potential appointed directors.

Mr Kevin Chandler (CEO of Chandler HR) is the Chair of the Nominations Committee, which also includes Dr David Cherry (Former Golf Australia Director), Dr Jill Spargo (Current Golf Australia Director) and Peter Castrisos (President – Golf Queensland).

Golf Australia is very appreciative of the expertise, knowledge and time being contributed by the members of the Nominations Committee and believes the committee will play a very positive role in the ongoing regeneration of the Golf Australia Board.